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If you are looking for work or would like to investigate other opportunities for career advancement or better working conditions, ABP Personnel Consultants offers consulting services in the field of permanent employee recruitment. Take advantage of our effective, personalized employment coaching at every step of the job search.

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vente-mkg Engineering and information technology Human resources, finance and accounting
Sales and Marketing Information technology (IT) and Engineering Finances, Human resources, Accounting and Finance

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Job openings to suit your profile and aspirations
When ABP consultants meet with potential candidates, they listen carefully and ask questions to gain a thorough understanding of the individual’s work experience and job objective. At ABP, we understand that successful professional partnerships require the candidate’s profile to closely match the needs of the client business. Our role is to create lasting, mutually beneficial employee-employer relationships.

Transparent, effective employment coaching
If you are referred to an ABP client, your consultant is available and follows up with you at every step of the recruitment process. Any information shared is kept completely confidential and interviews are scheduled to suit your current situation.

Services to candidates are free of charge
All services for job seekers are provided free of charge. Furthermore, the compensation package offered to candidates hired by one of our clients is not affected in any way: candidates are given the same salary and working conditions they would receive if hired without the assistance of ABP.

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Visit the Jobs page to read about exciting, rewarding career opportunities! With just one click, you can submit your résumé to the consultant in charge of the mandate. Go ahead; it’s fast, easy and free!

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   Sales and Marketing
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